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28.02.2008 Alter: 10 Jahre 23.-29.01.2008 - WCF World AC Championship


Chris Clarke won his second world croquet championship in four games on Sunday, outplaying a game Stephen Mulliner

Chris Clarke with wimbledon trophysmall

winner Chris Clarke

Christchurch, New Zealand

Clarke seemed cool even when his shooting deserted him but was not afraid to chance his arm when some would have played safe.In the first game, Mulliner gifted Clarke the first break, but hit in again and switched to cat-and-mouse before Clarke started missing everything he shot at and Mulliner finished with an assured delayed triple peel.

In the second game, Clarke came out and hit everything while Mulliner couldn't buy a hit. Clarke had a few anxious moments in his triple peel but completed to level the match.

The Christchurch sun broke through in the third game, making the lawn faster and trickier. Clarke was missing again but when Mulliner gave him a short one by sticking in hoop six, he hit it and went on to rack up a big lead. Mulliner then hit in and pegged out one of Clarke's balls, then switched to a cautious, defensive game. Clarke attacked at every opportunity, with some spectacular shots, culminating in a thrill-a-hoop finish to win the third game. Clarke looked confident playing the fourth, running an early break but sticking in 3-back. Mulliner got going, only to stick in a hoop, himself. Clarke took his other ball to the peg, Mulliner missed ... and Clarke muffed 3-back again.

Mulliner looked good in his next turn on his way to pegging out one of Clarke's balls, but a mistake at penultimate let Clarke in for the win and the title.

Chris Clarke (England) bt Stephen Mulliner (England)
9-26tp, 26-0tp, 26-17, 26-14

James Death (England) bt Chris Patmore (England)
26-0sxp, 25-26tp, 26-2

Report by John Ballentyne

This article was first published in "Croquet World Online" and is reproduced with their kind permission.

Photo courtesy of Ian Lines
10th February 2008