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01.08.2009 Alter: 9 Jahre U21 GC Worlds - final day (en)


As the pressure built before the final, we were treated to the play-off games for position. James Goodbun had some more excellent wins to take 5th place - a wonderful achievement.
In the 3/4th play-off, Hamy Erian beat Robert Fletcher. Hamy has impressed me throughout the event.
The final started at 7pm with Duncan winning the toss and taking 3 foot straight position with blue. After yellow had missed, he then ran the hoop to 4 feet in front of 2 which he duly converted into a 2-0 lead.
From that stage, Duncans play was excellent. He combined excellent positional play with good tactics, a range of mid to hard take outs and constantly ensured that Shaker was put under pressure. Duncan played within his comfort zone and his opponent failed to reproduce the standard that he had achieved against his Egyptian opponents the previous day.
Duncan won the first game 7-3 and the second 7-4.
At 2-2 in the third, Shaker was about to take on a tricky angled hoop 5 when he called himself for a fault (touching the ball). This was fine sportsmanship and he is to be commended.
The third game reached 5-5, but just as the crowd were building themselves up into a frenzy, Duncan ran a good penult to take a 6-5 lead. Shaker was always on the back foot at rover and a two foot rover saw Duncan Dixon become the first ever Under 21GC world champion - many congratulations.
After the prizegiving, we were treated to a Gala dinner where the 4 Kiwis sang their national anthem and then Coutts and McIntosh performed an excellent haka. Indeed, it was so popular, they did an encore!!
Great tournament. Well done to the WCF, the Egyptian Federation and to all the players who supported the event. I hope that England, Scotland or Ireland will look to hold another event in 2011.
Chris Clarke

Anm. d. Red. (Sven-Olaf Jung): Link zum kompletten Bericht von Kelly Exelby