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13.06.2006 Alter: 12 Jahre Rheingold-Pokal 2006 (en)


This years (2nd – 5th of June 2006) Rheingold-Pokal, the triangular match in AC and GC between Germany, Switzerland and the defending holder of last years trophy Austria took place on the lawns of the Croquetclub Wolkersdorf, 40min. drive outside of Vienna.

The weather predictions were not very promising but true. The games started on Friday late afternoon in slight rain. Due to heavy rain during the night, on Saturday morning the second lawn was completely flooded. So the organisers put up sightseeing for program and sent all the players from Germany and Switzerland to Vienna City centre. At around midday the organisers found at least one lawn playable and asked some players back to the club to continue play. The second lawn was still flooded and if no wonder would happen, it would have been impossible to get the total amount of games finished by Monday lunch time. But Joern Vinnen from Germany had a great idea and constructed a water pipe from the lawn into the nearby little river and after 4 hours of hard work the water on the lawn was gone – if it would not start raining again, we could use this lawn on the next day…

Sunday morning the lawn was still a bit spongy and muddy but it has been decided to continue play, even under more difficult conditions.

On Sunday evening the Swiss team had an unreachable lead. In the Swiss team especially Danny Davids and Norman Eatough were playing exceptional, Danny not loosing a single game in AC and Norman only losing in GC to Leopold Walderdorff and Klaus Gollhofer. For the second place Germany and Austria had a tough battle, but at the end the Austrian team could gain more wins. In the Austrian Team a near beginner, Martin Güntner, showed some very good GC games and in the AC games he had one loss by 0ne and another one by 3 points against Swiss players.

The evenings were, as usual in Wolkersdorf, very well organised with the visit to some local vineyards.

Congratulations to the Swiss Team who could win the trophy for the second time and many thanks to the Croquetclub Wolkersdorf for the organisation.