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08.06.2008 Alter: 10 Jahre 31.05./01.06.2008 - Länderspiel Deutschland/Schweden


Sweden wins 19:33 points

Ever since the 2006 defeat in Hamburg, the German team was looking forward for a second edition of a test match against Sweden's team: Although some efforts were made to do better this time, e.g. a beer breakfast with rock music on Sunday morning's famous fish market in Hamburg, the Swedes made it again: They won 33 of the 52 games played over weekend. Congratulations !

Swedens team captain Simon Carlsson was the top player of the tournament, he won all of his single games in AC and in GC. Once again the Hamburg Club members accomodated all of the six Swedish players, they were also offered plenty of sun, fast lawns and good food so that none of them regretted the 10 1/2 hours ride down south.

For Germany 11 players gave their best in a test match that consisted of a mixture of GC and AC as well as doubles and singles. Having fun together was certainly the main objective of this test match and that was undoubtedly achived. Also both teams wanted to give new players the opportunity to "sniff in" into the spirit of international croquet.

Since there are acitivities in Sweden to have a club with at least two lawns Simon Carlsson invited the hosting German team to have the next test match in Sweden. He presented the Hamburg club a map of Sweden that shows all clubs and lawns in the country. Thank you very much, your invitation was much appreciated in Hamburg & elsewhere.

Because of the always fair, friendly and mostly relaxed spirit amongst the teams both of them are looking forward for the next meeting, hopefully under Sweden bright midnight sun ... Ulf Söderberg made good photos of the event to be found under: http://picasaweb.google.se/uullff/200805310601GermanyVsSweden

Results of Single Games: 8 Games, AC, Advanced Rules, Timelimit 2:45
1 Carlsson Simon beat Kirsten Alexander +21
2 Larsson Jörgen beat Olk Felicitas +1 o.T.
3 Söderberg Ulf beat Vinnen Joern +5 o.T.
4 Olk Felicitas beat Ekholm Krister +23 o.T.
5 Carlsson Simon beat Vinnen Joern +12
6 Kirsten Alexander beat Nilsson Lars-Inge +5 o.T.
7 Vinnen Joern beat Larsson Jörgen +2 o.T.
8 Carlsson Simon beat Olk Felicitas +17

Golf Croquet 42 Games, Timelimit 45 min
1 Söderberg Ulf beat Vinnen Jörn 6-2
2 Ockelmann Peter beat Ekholm Krister 5-4
3 Eckford-Jones Peter beat Nilsson Lars-Inge 6-4
4 Pallhed Jonny beat Schweickhardt Albert 7-4
5 Söderberg Ulf beat Schweickhardt Albert 7-2

6 Larsson Jörgen beat Eckford-Jones Peter 7-3
7 Pallhed Jonny beat Olk Felicitas 7-3
8 Carlsson Simon beat Ockelmann Peter 7-6
9 Ockelmann Peter beat Nilsson Lars-Inge 7-3
10 Kirsten Alexander beat Larsson Jörgen 7-5

11 Pallhed Jonny beat Ockelmann Antje 7-4
12 Ekholm Krister beat Mesecke Nina 7-4
13 Ekholm Krister beat Olk Felicitas 7-3
14 Larsson Jörgen beat Ockelmann Antje 7-4
15 Ekholm Krister beat Eckford-Jones Peter 7-6

16 Ockelmann Peter beat Söderberg Ulf 7-3
17 Pallhed Jonny beat Mesecke Nina 7-5
18 Söderberg Ulf beat Siedlak Martina 7-1
19 Nilsson Lars-Inge beat Schweickhardt Albert 7-2
20 Ekholm Krister beat Schweickhardt Diane 7-0

21 Pallhed Jonny beat Siedlak Martina 7-3
22 Nilsson Lars-Inge beat Siedlak Martina 7-5
23 Larsson Jörgen beat Vinnen Joern 7-5
24 Schweickhardt Diane beat Nilsson Lars-Inge 7-5
25 Carlsson Simon beat Schweickhardt Albert 7-4

26 Carlsson Simon beat Mesecke Nina 7-5
27 Vinnen Priska beat Söderberg Ulf 7-5
28 Pallhed Jonny beat Schweickhardt Diane 7-4
29 Haack Horst beat Ekholm Krister 7-6
30 Vinnen Joern beat Ekholm Krister 7-4

31 Kirsten Alexander beat Ekholm Krister 7-4
32 Vinnen Joern beat Nilsson Lars-Inge 7-6
33 Carlsson Simon beat Vinnen Joern 7-3
34 Kirsten Alexander beat Nilsson Lars-Inge 7-5
35 Kirsten Alexander beat Pallhed Jonny 7-1

36 Söderberg Ulf beat Olk Felicitas 6-5
37 Söderberg Ulf beat Kirsten Alexander 6-5 


besonders gut hat mir der Fortschritt von Felicitas' und Kurts Training zu den nächsten Meisterschaften im Synchronkrocket gefallen
Bild 7+8 ;-)
Sven-Olaf Jung