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24.11.2008 Alter: 10 Jahre Gateball arrives in England


Gateball arrives in England

Alex Park, a member of the last Australian world championship gateball team, is keen to introduce UK croquet players to the game. He is studying in London until July, next year. He has all the necessary equipment and is happy to visit your club (ideally in the south of England), for further details or if you’d like to try this excellent game, please reply to this email or contact him on: alex.t.park@No Spamgmail.com.

I play the game, 2 or 3 times a week, in Japan and am totally captivated by the game’s tactical depth, with 10 balls on the lawn and some imagination the possibilities are virtually endless! There’s a large skill overlap between the two games (good shooting, hoop running and feathering), so reasonable croquet players will be effective quite quickly. There’s also new skills to learn such as control of position of striker’s ball when roquetting (like control of cue ball in snooker) and ‘sparking’ - the shot played with your foot on the balls, where you either ‘peel’ or send one of your team’s balls somewhere useful or despatch an opponent ball (or two by ‘bombarding’) off the lawn.

In fact, it’s the game that matches every outsider’s perception of croquet; the game where you put your foot on the balls and smash the opponents balls into the shrubbery.

The next world championship is China 2010 and every four years after that (in Asia or South America typically). There’s never been any European representation, so far.  It would be brilliant if levels of interest were sufficient that we could get a team together to compete in one of the forthcoming events.