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21.07.2009 Alter: 9 Jahre 18./19.07.2009 - 6th German Open AC


German Open proved to be the premier tournament in the country

Again the German Open proved to be the premier tournament in the country with 10 players from six countries and a special focus on the social side of the game.

This year a boat trip on river Elbe was organized that was greatly enjoyed by the players and their company who also had a excellent meal while viewing the port and city of Hamburg from a special perspective.

Overall results:

1. Stephen Mulliner (ENG)
2. Colin Irwin (ENG)
3. Wolfgang Usbeck (D)
4. Martin Güntner (AUT)

No further ranking games played, plate not completed.
The next German Open AC will be played in 2011 while the German Open GC will be played in 2010.

All results / Alle Ergebnisse:

Stephen Mulliner (ENG) bt. Carlos Vieira (POR) + 25
Colin Irwin (ENG) bt. Karen Boswell (Australia) - 26 TP
Stephen Mulliner bt. Allan Morris (B) + 26
Wolfgang Usbeck (D) bt. John Swabey (B) +1 o.t.
Martin Guentner (Austria) bt. Iris Stadie (D) + 15
Alexander Kirsten (D) bt. Karen Boswell (Aus) + 22
Colin Irwin (ENG) bt. John Swabey (B) - 13 TP
Allan Morris (B) bt. Carlos Vieira (POR) + 13
Stephen Mulliner (ENG) bt. Iris Stadie (D) + 25
Martin Guentner (A) bt. Allan Morris (B) + 18
Alexander Kirsten (D) bt. John Swabey (B) + 13
Colin Irwin (Eng) bt. Alexander Kristen (D) + 26 TP
Wolfgang Usbeck (D) bt. Karen Boswell (Aus) + 19
Carlos Viera (POR) bt. Iris Stadie (D) +15
Stephen Mulliner (ENG) bt. Martin Guentner (A) + 23
Colin Irwin (ENG) bt. Wolfgang Usbeck (D) + 22 TP
John Swabey (B) bt. Karen Boswell (Aus) + 19
Martin Guentner (A) bt. Carlos Vieira (POR) + 15
Wolfgang Usbeck (D) bt. Alexander Kirsten (D) + 19 o.t.
Allan Morris (B) bt. Iris Stadie (D) + 11 o.t.

Stephen Mulliner bt. Wolfgang Usbeck +25 TP
Colin Irwin bt. Martin Guentner +19 TP

Game for 3rd place
Wolfgang Usbeck bt. Martin Guentner + 22

Stephen Mulliner bt. Colin Irwin - 14, +26tp, + 7

Plate games (Plate was not completed)
Iris Stadie bt. Alexander Kirsten +3 o.t.
Allen Morris bt. Karen Boswell (no letters)
John Swabey bt. Carlos Vieira (no letters)  

Joern Vinnen
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