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01.08.2009 Alter: 9 Jahre 25.07.2009 - King of the Belgian Montains (en)


John Swabey wins the 2009 "Bergkoning"

John Swabey wins the 2009 "Bergkoning" level play Golf Croquet tournament of the Croquet Federation of Begium, played on Saturday 24/7 at Genval.
7 players played the first games in a double round robin, and 6 the second round (after one withdrawal). Highlights included some extremely long hoops (8 run from North of 7, 2 run from alongside 1, etc) and very effective jumping.

Aggregate wins:
John Swabey 9
Tony Falcon-Uff 8
Bernard Thys & Allan Morris 6
Bob Appels 4
Gabor Weiner 2
Sabine Regout 1
John Swabey

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