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26.07.2008 Alter: 10 Jahre 19./20.07.2008 - German Open GC


Good Games in good old Germany

Players from five nations participated in this years 2nd. German Open Golf Croquet. Again the tournament turned out to be an attractive offer of Deutscher Krocket Bund with a mix of excellent Croquet, good food and some sightseeing. Although the weather was of doubtable quality all 14 players had fun on the two full size lawns which had a better quality this year than in previous years. Three Czech players formed part of the recently founded “Becherovka Team”, sponsored by a famous Czech liquor distellery, and brought a car load full of this healthy drink (38 % Vol.).

Day one saw the block games with thai-fried-dumplings, a fine selection of German cakes, wines, coffee and beer throughout the day. Surprinsingly Miroslav "Becherovka" Pazdora (Czech Republic) and Peter Ockelmann (Hamburg) turned out to be first in their blocks whereas the current German champion Bruno Hess did not qualify for the finals – due to stomach problems (he refused his Becherovka - sic!). Also the best ranked player Wolfgang Usbeck (Frankfurt) had a black day and did not win a single game. Nevertheless the fine dinner was taken in good spirits at Suellberg Restaurant, where players enjoyed a nice view onto Elbe river and the port of Hamburg.

With only a few hours of sleep the Sunday morning started with a trip to Hamburg Fishmarket at 7.30  h a.m. and a beer & fish breakfast. However at 10 o’clock the games started under improved weather conditions and a frequent flow of foods and beverages. In fact some very good battling developed: Finally Alexander Kristen won the final against Thomas Magin (results see below) just finishing in time to get some last remaining sausages of the lawnside BBQ . . .

Deutscher Krocket Bund and Rissener Sportverein very much enjoyed having all of the players around and is looking forward to hopefully meet many of them again in 2010. In 2009 the 6th. German Open AC hopes to attract a lot of nice people  who are hungry for new experiences.

Joern Vinnen

Final Results

1. Alexander Kirsten (GER)
2. Thomas Magin (GER)
3. David Underhill (CH)
4. Jean Yves Gueremont (F)
5. Jon Diamond (ENG)
6. Horst Haack (GER)
7. Miroslav Pazdora (CZ)
8. Peter Ockelmann (GER)
9. Wolfgang Usbeck (GER)
10. Desmond George (CH)
11. Sven Olaf Jung (GER)
12. Pavl Gasek (CZ)
13. Petr Gasek (CZ)
14. Bruno Hess (GER)

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