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27.06.2011 Alter: 7 Jahre 23.06. Coupe des lacs


Italy take home the Coupe des Lacs

Yet again, Italy won the 3-cornered tournament last weekend with Switzerland and Belgium, having not lost a single match (just a walletand credit cards on the Brussels metro).

Gianpietro Donati, Andrea Pravettoni and Gianni Leoncini comprised the Italian visitors to Brussels. Dave Underhill and Des George made up the Swiss team. The home side, Belgium, had various players taking part for only a few games each, including Allan Morris, Arthur Forbes, Tony Falcon-Uff and John Swabey. Representing Belgium for the first time were Bernard Thys, Anne White and Michel Commiant.

The format was a mixture of Golf and Association Croquet, singles and doubles. The Golf matches were best-of-three with an overall timelimit of 2 hours, while Association games were limited to 2h20. Overall 14 matches were played, with approx half the best-of-three Golf matches going to a third game.

Next year in Busto Arsizio.

John Swabey, Croquet Federation of Belgium

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